Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy Saturday

Good afternoon! I'm grabbing a few minutes to post before we get ready for church. Our church is so big that we have a Saturday service and 2 services on Sunday. We really like it there and going on Saturday seems to work out well for us. It's not as crowded and we feel like we really get a lot out of the lessons.
Had to go to Frankfort today to pay our lot rent. We have a travel trailer set up in an RV park on the river. We hadn't been out in about a month and it's a good thing we went today. Apparently the power had been off at sometime during the last month. We always keep Diet-Rite cola in the fridge and with the power off, it froze and exploded all inside the refridgerator! What a mess...and the only way we could clean it up was with paper towel and bottled water. All the drain pipes and water lines are still filled with anti-freeze for the winter. We got it done, but it was sure a mess. From now on, we'll leave nothing in the fridge over the winter. After we got done cleaning, we went to Dollar Tree. Love that store! I got some card making supplies (ribbon, stamp pad & stamp, & glitter glue) and DH got a hammer, hand cleaner, batteries and an umbrella. Aren't we just the most exciting people you ever read about?
Gotta go spend some time with Sophie. She's feeling neglected after being home alone all day.
Hope everyone's having a great weekend!


Friday, February 27, 2009

The Power of Positive Thinking

Just like I said...DH came home, turned on the TV, it flickered a few times, and now is just fine!
He didn't even have to bang on it. What a relief (for now, anyway). DH wanted to go to Cracker Barrel for his birthday lunch. It's fish day and he loves their fish. He wouldn't let me tell them it was his birthday so he could get a dessert. He didn't want the attention. Now he'll have to wait for his birthday cake on Sunday. I did make him some giant chocolate chip cookies the other night, so he can munch on them. He won't want much for dinner, since he had such a big lunch.
I can't believe how much fun I'm having with this blog...but sooner or later it's going to get me in trouble. I can't stay off of it and I know there's probably something else I should be doing right now. DH has had 2 phone calls since he's been home. One from his sister and one from his Mom & Dad. They called to wish him a happy birthday. I gave him a Stanley Dual Melt Pro Glue Gun for his present. Woo Woo! It's what he asked for several months ago and he thought I forgot, so he was quite surprised. Gotta go see what DH wants for dinner.


TV update

Well, I banged and I banged...still no picture. I turned it off and back on and the picture came on...for 2 minutes and it's gone again. I could cry! Maybe I'm just not banging correctly. It needs a man's touch (or bang, lol). There must be something lose inside the tv case. I'm going to think positive. When DH gets home, he will bang on it and it will come on!


valentine cards

Here are a few of the library Valentine Card Workshop cards. The 2 cards with the hearts are made with a technique called paper piercing. You gently punch holes in your cardstock with a straight pin, hat pin or paper piercer. You can follow a pattern which you put on top of your cardstock, or you can just punch holes around the edges or scallops of your cut-out card design pieces. It will give you sore fingers, but the raised design effect to your card is worth it. I really enjoyed teaching the workshop, and hope they'll ask me to do more.

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Not so happy birthday

So far, DH is not having a very good birthday. His beloved 9 year old big screen tv has lost it's picture! He kept banging on the top, and it finally came back on, but when he turns it off, it's gone again. He's at work right now, and I've banged and banged but no picture. I guess after 9 years, it's needing some work. We have other tv's to watch, but his big screen is the one he always goes to for watching movies, and he likes to watch a movie almost every night. Right now, his favorites are "Fireproof", "Facing the Giants", and "Flywheel". They are all inspirational movies and really, really good. We'll be having DH's family birthday party on Sunday, so hopefully, we'll have it fixed by then. The grandsons (9, 6 and 4) like to play games on the big screen. They'll be very disappointed if it's not working. I'm going to go and try banging again. Wish me luck!


Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is my little long-haired chihuahua, Sophie, when she was only a few months old. My hubby gave her to me for Christmas 2 years ago and I love her to death! She's a very smart little dog and has learned lots of tricks. She sleeps all day while we're at work, but loves to play when we get home. She's my baby!


Hubby's birthday card

Tomorrow is my hubby's birthday and he's not happy about it. I made this card for him to try to change his mind about having a birthday. Hope it
at least puts a smile on his face!
I recently did a valentine card workshop at a local library. It was lots of fun designing the cards and making the kits for the participants. They all seemed to have fun making the cards. We did 6 cards, and if I can get to it, I'll start posting some of them. This blog may take away some of my card making time...oh, dear.