Saturday, February 28, 2009

Busy Saturday

Good afternoon! I'm grabbing a few minutes to post before we get ready for church. Our church is so big that we have a Saturday service and 2 services on Sunday. We really like it there and going on Saturday seems to work out well for us. It's not as crowded and we feel like we really get a lot out of the lessons.
Had to go to Frankfort today to pay our lot rent. We have a travel trailer set up in an RV park on the river. We hadn't been out in about a month and it's a good thing we went today. Apparently the power had been off at sometime during the last month. We always keep Diet-Rite cola in the fridge and with the power off, it froze and exploded all inside the refridgerator! What a mess...and the only way we could clean it up was with paper towel and bottled water. All the drain pipes and water lines are still filled with anti-freeze for the winter. We got it done, but it was sure a mess. From now on, we'll leave nothing in the fridge over the winter. After we got done cleaning, we went to Dollar Tree. Love that store! I got some card making supplies (ribbon, stamp pad & stamp, & glitter glue) and DH got a hammer, hand cleaner, batteries and an umbrella. Aren't we just the most exciting people you ever read about?
Gotta go spend some time with Sophie. She's feeling neglected after being home alone all day.
Hope everyone's having a great weekend!



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